Allow Domain Users to join computers to the domain

By default, Domain Users can only join computers to the domain 10 times however it’s sometimes useful for certain users to be able to exceed that limit – for example, helpdesk staff who might not be Domain Admins.

This can be achieved by delegating control in Active Directory or using Group Policy.

Active Directory

  • Open Active Directory Users and Computers, right click your domain name then select Delegate Control (you can also select a specific OU if you prefer):
  • The Delegation of Control Wizard will start, click next:
  • Add the user or group and click next:
  • Select Create a custom task to delegate and click next:
  • Select Only the following objects in the folder then tick Computer objects in the list. Also tick Create selected objects in this folder and click next:
  • Tick General and Creation/deletion of specific child objects then tick Create All Child Objects in the list. (General should already be ticket – if not, tick it). Click next:
  • To finish the wizard, click Finish:

Group Policy

  • Open Group Policy Management and edit the Default Domain Policy:
  • Browse to Computer Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > User Rights Assignment and select Add workstations to domain:
  • Tick Define these policy settings, add the user or group and click OK:

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