Hyper-V Import Types

A question I seemed to get asked a lot is what’s the difference between the 3 Hyper-V import types so I’ve listed them here:


If you’ve got all the virtual machines files (.vhdx + .xml etc) in the correct place and just want Hyper-V to recognise them, use register.

Example – Files stored in D:\Hyper-V\SERVERNAME and you just want to get Hyper-V to see the VM.


A restore is fairly explanatory, it restores the virtual machine files from the virtual machine files (generally a backup or export)

Example – Backup stored on \\SERVER\Share\SERVERNAME. The restore option will ask you where to put the virtual machine files (or you can leave as default).


If you have a set of virtual machines files and want to use them as a template, you’ll want to use copy.

Example – You have a base build of Server 2012 and want to use it as a template. Export the virtual machine then import as using the copy option.

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