Azure MARS client error (ID: 100010)

This week I was setting up a backup to Azure using the MARS client and ran into an issue where I couldn’t select anything other than the full C drive.

Every time I tried to expand, I got the following error:

“An internal error prevented the modification of the backup policy. (ID: 100010)”

I spent a good few hours searching around and most articles kept pointing me to either a missing/incorrect registry entry or a duplicate/missing task schedule but that all looked fine.

Eventually I gave up and logged a ticket with Microsoft. They had me run the Microsoft Support Diagnostics Tool (MSDT) to gather and send off the logs. A few hours later, Microsoft came back to me and pointed out the following error:

I check on the C: drive and couldn’t see that folder so I opened command prompt, changed directory into the root of C: and ran dir /a (/a shows ALL files). I then saw a junction entry for ‘Documents and Settings’ which is perfectly normal. However, in this case, it was pointing to ‘F:\Users’

‘F:\Users’ didn’t exist, the server didn’t even have an F drive.

Back into Explorer, I enabled ‘Hidden items’ and deleted the ‘Documents and Settings’ link (In this case, there’s nothing on the server that relies on the standard symbolic link to C:\Users so I didn’t bother recreating it)

After that I was able to expand the C: drive in the Azure MARS client:

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