MDT hangs on Windows logo

I’ve had a few instances recently when testing MDT builds where PXE booting would just hang on the blue Windows logo, the common denominator being ESX 6.7.

I must of spent hours and hours Googling, trying different drivers, x64 vs x86, BIOS vs EFI but eventually gave up and either used a different hypervisor where possible (Hyper-V or ESX 6.5) or a physical machine.

Today I came across it again so had another go at fixing it.

Given it worked on ESX 6.5, I knew it was something to do with VMware. One thing I had recently started enabling was the ‘Virtualization-based Security’ when creating a VM. I then noticed that that option was only available for VMs using VM version 14.

I then deleted my test VM, recreated using VM version 11, PXE booted and it worked (version 13 should also work)

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