Software Center not seeing updates – 0x8024401f

I was recently migrating a customer to Current Branch of SCCM (or MECM as its now known) and ran into an issue where updates that were deployed to a collection would not appear in the Software Center.

The WUAHandler log showed the following errors:

OnSearchComplete - Failed to end search job. Errror = 0x8024401f
Scan failed with error = 0x8024401f

Connectivity to the WSUS server was fine,  I was able to browse to it and telnet to the WSUS ports (8530 and 8531) so I was sure connectivity wasn’t an issue. I then started poking around in the event logs on the WSUS server and came across this error and warning:

The first of the 2 events was the error, “The Client Web Service is not working.”

The Client Web Service is an application in the WSUS site in ISS so I tried to access it via http://server:8530/ClientWebService/client.asmx. It didn’t work and I got the following runtime error:

I tried all the obvious fixes, recycling app pools, restarting IIS and the server etc. but couldn’t get anywhere.

I then turned to the next event log, the warning for ASP.NET

After a bit of Googling around for ASP/WSUS, everyone kept mentioning the WsusPool application pool so I decided to check that against a known working WSUS setup.

Almost immediately, I noticed the working app pool was using Integrated for the ‘Managed pipeline mode’ and my non-working setup was set to Classic. I set mine to Integrated and recycled the app pool:

I then tried browsing to the Client Web Service address again, this time with more promising results:

I then ran the following from Configuration Manager in Control Panel on the client:

  • Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle
  • Software Updates Deployment Evaluation Cycle
  • Software Updates Scan Cycle

After a few seconds, I checked the WUAHandler log again to find the errors had disappeared:

Finally, I checked Software Center again to find the updates listed and installing:

Happy days!

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