Sophos SG210 – Cannot use ASG software license on SG210 device

I had a Sophos SG 210 lying around which I wanted to test out for my home lab.

Sophos offer free keys for home/lab usage (, so I signed up and downloaded my license but when I tried to apply it, I got the following message:

“Cannot use ASG software license on SG210 device”

To fix, I had to delete the asg file in /etc/ however I had to factory reset the unit again and set a password at the console before running any setup in the web GUI.

Once you’re logged into the console (you can use PuTTY or just plug in a screen and keyboard) run the following commands:

rm /etc/asg

Once the unit has rebooted, you can login through the web GUI again and run through the setup and it will accept the license.

Its worth mentioning by removing the asg file, it stops the buttons for the LCD screen working. To fix, you can recreate the asg file and add a few lines of config (this doesn’t stop the license from working)

Create the file with VI:

vi /etc/asg

Add the config:


Save the file and reboot. Once its rebooted, the buttons should work again.




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